Simon Pengelly

Telephone:  01843 613 744
(Country code 44)

Mobile: 07850 868 392

email: simon_pengelly@hotmail.com

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snailmail Address:
7E Arlington House
All Saints Avenue

There are numerous folders under this home URL

Some of these are for current or obsolete websites that I've
created for people - either naff or clunky or "as instructed".
I just hand craft them so they work, not being a graphic artist.
Some are just for storage -
I'm paying for it so may as well use it!

Folders "Marrakech" and "Anne80" have a slideshow.php program
which accesses sub-folders containing image files.

What I need is a simple way of letting people see these images auto re-sized
as slideshows - with options for automatic step-on (say 5-20 secs), for random
selection and for repeats - I don't want them to have to be downloaded.

I don't want to have to specify the files individually,
just let the system trawl through the folder so that any changes to
the images stored are reflected in the next run of the slideshow

I've had some help from a 17yr old and there is now a program
called slideshow.php in the Anne80 and Marrakech folders that gives
a workable solution but not automation or auto re-size yet.
It needs to have automatic sizing of images
and an option to step on after a number of

Anybody able to help?